What Is Neolith?


There are different needs for every project when it comes to flooring, wall treatments, and other aspects of bathroom and kitchen design in Westlake Village. Neolith attempts to combine as many advantages as possible into one type of versatile and durable surfacing that can be appropriate in a variety of different situations. Keep reading if you would like to find out what exactly Neolith is.


Neolith is not just a type of flooring, paneling, or countertop; it is a compact surface that can be ideal in countless different applications. The material is resistant to scratches and blemishes, ultraviolet ray exposure, and extreme temperatures on either end of the spectrum. It is also natural, recyclable, and easily cleaned using standard household cleaners, making it appealing to those who are concerned with environmental impact.


The abundance of benefits that Neolith provides makes it an excellent choice in multiple applications. Neolith flooring can be used in commercial settings where an extreme level of foot traffic is experienced on a daily basis; its durability will protect it from scratching or wearing away over time. Its temperature resistant properties prepare it for flawless use in kitchen and bathroom design, and its natural composition allows it to contact food without a problem. Neolith sinks are now available for full integration into these parts of the home.


Neolith can help you to finish your custom kitchen or bathroom design to perfection. This surface is available in multiple formats, thicknesses, and finishes, showcasing a range of different colors and styles. However you envision your kitchen or bathroom remodel, Neolith can make sure that reality lives up to your expectations.

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