What Are Steam Ovens?

Take advantage of your kitchen remodel in Encino by updating your space with new and improved appliances that help you make the most of your kitchen. Keep reading to learn more about steam ovens and how they can enhance your cooking space:

The Difference of Steam

A traditional oven cooks food with hot air and a fan that keeps it circulating evenly throughout the interior of the oven. A steam oven internally boils water to create steam that cooks the food. Steam ovens keep the oven moist, which changes the taste of the food. A lot of professional chefs prefer cooking with steam ovens.

The Benefits of Steam

Because of the moisture available in these steam ovens, foods hold on to more of their natural flavor. Steam ovens also enhance the food’s natural texture and color, which helps you with your presentation. Steam ovens can cook food without stripping it of as many vitamins, minerals, and nutrients as traditional ovens do. You can also cook a few different foods in a steam oven without worrying about the flavors mixing together. The moisture inside of a steam oven also makes it easier to clean.

The Foods to Cook in a Steam Oven

Steam ovens can cook the same kinds of foods that traditional ovens can cook. You can put meat, fish, vegetables, pasta, and potatoes into a steam oven and get a great result. You can also use this oven to bake foods like bread and desserts. If you want to enhance the way you cook your food, you might want to consider getting a steam oven during your kitchen remodel.

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