10 Things Every Homeowner Should Ask Themselves before Starting a Kitchen Remodel: Part 2


Every homeowner considering a home remodel needs to have a game plan. Our Showcase Kitchens & Baths custom designers gave us 10 things every homeowner should ask themselves before starting a kitchen remodel. If you missed the first five tips in last week’s blog, read last week’s post here. Keep reading for their final five suggestions.

1. Number one mistake homeowners make when starting a kitchen remodel?

Being afraid to talk numbers and getting the process out of order, therefore going in circles. Cost will eventually play a role in the scope of the project and our staff is trained to discuss budgets right away for each part of your project. If you establish the scope and estimated cost at the beginning, you will be able to make each choice knowing how it fits. Even if you choose to go over your original budget, you know by how much!

2. What paint process do you recommend for cabinets to prevent chipping?

If you are using new cabinets, there is nothing better than the pigmented conversion varnish that can only be applied in the factory. If you are painting existing cabinets, you need to spend the time or money to do significant prep before the color coat. The needed prep will depend on the overall condition of the existing finish, type of wood, and what you want the final look to be. Any time you paint over another finish, it will be more prone to chipping than a quality process on new wood.

3. So…. are prefab kitchen cabinets for a budget remodel ever an option?

Sure, but it is good not to assume anything. An experienced kitchen designer can help you get the most out of your budget by evaluating various types of cabinets. Also, the cabinets that are often considered “prefab” are built to order and often higher quality and eco-friendly and CARB compliant than local shop “custom” cabinets. Showcase Kitchens & Baths designer Charlie Rutledge is a perfect example of someone that built custom cabinets 25 years ago, but turned to designing with national brand cabinets because he could offer more for the money, often just as custom as the local shop.

4. What are some tips for optimizing space in a small kitchen?

A great example from one of our very own designers Ernesto Sepulveda is the way he was able to maximize the height of a smaller kitchen. Add pullouts to a smaller kitchen pantry to maximize kitchen space. If you have corners, evaluate design options carefully and don’t waste that space. Don’t be tempted to oversize your appliances. A counter depth fridge may not have quite as many cubic feet, but one that juts out 10 or more inches has ruined many a small kitchen. Using a “frameless” cabinet gives you more space in the drawers, roll-out shelves, and other moving parts. Favor design options that give you more counter space, even if it means less total storage. You can optimize the smaller storage, but being short on elbowroom is just a bummer!

5. ​Do you pick your counter top or your backsplash first?

Designer Ernesto Sepulveda’s perspective is to start with backsplash because that will probably be more prominent from a visual perspective. In the end, it’s your home and you are the one that gets to live in it. The choice is really yours!

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Encino Kitchen Remodeler Ernesto

Ernesto Sepulveda, Principal Designer
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